Behind the brand

Hello & welcome to Serenity Scents & Lifestyle


My name is Karen and in April 2019 I became a chandler …


Way back in 2015 I was toying with an idea around candles and crystals – I still have the note saved on my phone with the idea. 

In 2018 – yes, I procrastinate A LOT! – I re-wrote myself another note and bought the domain name for this website and

booked myself onto my first candle making workshop.


I thoroughly enjoyed the day (with the amazing Sarah Ditchfield in Marlow) but once again I sat on my ideas and concepts and

life just carried on as normal.


Then my best friend died suddenly, at the age of 46 in January 2019. 


We had spent the last 20 years of our lives propping each other up when we were down, supporting each other through life’s many challenges and just being there for each other, no matter what. 


He was always the first one to tell me to stop procrastinating and talking about ‘one day I will’ with all my hairbrained business ideas. His death was a wake-up call, that kick up the backside I needed!


I contacted Sarah and booked myself onto a private workshop with her and told her of my concept behind Serenity – she was such a source of encouragement and is now a trusted mentor and sounding board, for which I’ll be eternally grateful!


I’ve always been convinced of the healing power of crystals, and like many, I love being surrounded by candles for the relaxing sense of wellbeing they bring.  Within a month I’d turned my cottage kitchen into an apothecary, banished the family and set about blending, pouring, sniffing and perfecting … three months later my first collection of Serenity Scents soy wax candles was hand poured and curing.


From sweet orange and chilli pepper to classic lavender and bergamot, the spectrum of scents available in my first range have been crafted to capture and recreate emotions and states of wellbeing, with a healing crystal embedded within it to enhance the process. 


Since April 2019 I’ve grown my range to include regular Limited Edition pours, diffusers and I’ve curated a range of home and lifestyle gifts all with the aim of bringing serenity into your life. 

I really hope you enjoy my products!


My pledge to help you #FINDYOURSERENITY


  • I only use natural wax  - manufactured from renewable sources, 100 per cent plant-based, sustainable, biodegradable and free from petroleum, pesticide and herbicide residue

  • I only use fragrances that are manufactured in the UK, are IFRA & EU compliant, paraben free, vegan friendly and cruelty free

  • All products I sell have been ethically sourced and I only deal with reputable companies

  • All my packaging is as green as it can be – my boxes and glassware are all recyclable, reusable and packaging peanuts are biodegradable.  Occasionally I will use bubble wrap, but it’s been collected from other packages that I’ve received so I reuse packaging wherever I can