LOVE - wild bluebell



A hand poured soy wax candle infused with a romantic fragrance of Wild Bluebell blended with notes of crisp green leaves and a subtle dewy accent. Heart notes of persimmon – a milky-peach scent with clean, creamy undertones. Base notes of white musk, closing this fragrance with a powdery, clean finish.


Embedded with the all-important Rose Quartz crystal. This powerful crystal knows the power of love and opens the heart. It can help raise your self-esteem, restore confidence and balance your emotions. It is also one of the best crystals to help promote positive self-affirmations.


Self-love is vital to any healing.


Crystal Care: Let the healing power continue once your candle comes to an end. Give it a clean under water, allow it to dry and recharge under direct sunlight.


Our beautiful candles come in our 30cl white glass and clear glass containers.


Every candle is hand poured and made in the Chiltern Hills. They are beautifully packaged therefore making the perfect gift.

LOVE - wild bluebell